22nd – 24th May


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22 a 24 de maio de 2022

Public Value Festival – Connect, Contribute and Celebrate!

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Public Value

  • Connects people.
  • Enables people to flourish in community.
  • Is man-made and thus vulnerable.

  • It is not only since the coronavirus pandemic that we come to realize what it means and what it takes to maintain a functioning society. But this crisis definitely has raised awareness for doing harm or doing good for society as a whole. The common good debate is back, and the public value approach is a driving force of it.

    At this festival we aim to better understand what works and what does not in delivering public value. Be it in increasing a city’s resilience or a start-up’s innovativness, public value provides a language which cuts across sectors and discipline. Why? Because it addresses the unifying, the common, or: the systemic context and it forces us to think beyond one’s own “home turf”, “bubble”, or backyard.

    In various keynotes and panels scientists and practitioners together explore the most challenging topics of public value creation in business, public administration and civil society. Despite various background they all are public value experts – a new discipline of its own.

    We call this dialogue format “festival”, since believe that public value thinking is also about celebrating this mindset, which draws on our ancient heritage of collective problem solving in Europe.

    We invite papers and people from all over Europe and beyond to see whether there is a joint perspective emerging.

    Public Value in Portugal

    Professor Timo Meynhardt

    Psychologist and business economist

    “We see Public Value as a measure and paradigm to analyze and understand an organization’s contribution to the common good. Public Value thinking rejuvenates humanistic values and helps to find meaning and purpose.”


    Luís Newton

    Estrela Borough's President

    “From our own benchmark we have assessed that public engagement must evolve within the definition of Public Value itself, because more than just promoting adequate response and generating value, it must also strenghten community identity.”


    Professor Nelson Ribeiro

    Dean of the School of Human Sciences (UCP)

    “We see Public Value as an important concept regarding our research fields. Nowadays we cannot look to the main themes and issues in our society without trying to understand how we can relate Public Value to the role of universities, organizations and our professionals.”



    “Public Value for stakeholders is the natural partner to long-term value for shareholders, united through a corporation’s purpose. Arguably, there can be no long-term value without public value since a corporation’s social function is the basis for earnings and hence the right/responsibility to perform.”

    Julie Linn Teigland

    Regional Managing Partner, EY

    “The importance of business and other institutions in delivering public value is so very timely. Organizations, society and political leaders are now concerned about what impact our businesses and public institutions are making for the common good.”

    Professor Sir Cary Cooper

    CBE, 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology & Health, ALLIANCE Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK

    “The most important development in the study of public management and administration in the last twenty-five years has been the introduction of the concept of public value.”

    Professor Allan Fals AO

    Former Dean, Australia and New Zealand School of Government
    Public Value Festival – beyond a conference


    Meet academics and practitioners from across Europe and beyond to dialogue about new patterns of thought and action in a highly interactive format.


    Add your perspective to Public Value thinking as a way to address grand challenges and to empower common good-oriented decision making.


    Enjoy the wonderful city of Lisbon to experience the idea of public value in a shared cultural moment.