Public Value Festival
A community celebration that offers you inspiring cases of public value creation in practice from all over the world from. It gives you the latest insights into Public Value: how to co-create, measure and monitor it in public policy.
Home to a community of scientists and practitioners who jointly develop the Public Value concept
Leading figure of the festival is Prof Timo Meynhardt: one of Europe's renowned scientists on public value. Hosts of the festival are mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas and president of Estrela, Luis Newton: offering you Lisbon as a beautiful venue for inspiring discussions.
An engaging and diverse program
Including very strong panel discussions, case discussion in workshops (with both academic and practical relevance) and cultural events. Every year, influential keynote speakers receive the prestigious Public Value Award. After Prof Mark Moore (2022) and Prof Johan Rockström (2023), Mariana Mazzucato will deliver the keynote address and receive the award.
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Thinking Beyond Profit

June 19th-20th

Keynote Speaker

Johan Rockström


What Is Public Value?

May 22nd-24th

Keynote Speaker

Mark H. Moore


We are committed to teaching students and future value-oriented leaders that not only follow particular interests, but also focus on an organization’s contribution to the common good (Public Value). Our research links psychological and business management issues, especially in the areas of Public Value management, leadership, and competency diagnosis. We build holistic thinking approaches in the tradition of Peter Drucker , known as the father of modern management.

Founded in 1898, HHL is considered the oldest university-level business school in Germany. In the tradition of the “honorable businessman” its mission statement rests on the pillars of entrepreneurship, sustainability, and leadership.

In Lisbon, Estrela borough breathes innovation, and from there comes its Public Service to the community. The Estrela neighborhood stands out for its technological advancement that stimulates the direct relationship with the community it serves through digital platforms.

Since 2015, Estrela has been distinguished annually for good practices and innovative projects. 

With innovation and technology, Estrela develops unique solutions that promote ways to simplify the lives of its citizens and enable excellence in Quality of Life.