About us

Dr. Arend Oetker Chair of
Business Psychology and Leadership –
HHL Leipzig Gradute School of Management

We’re committed to teaching students and future leaders value-oriented approaches that do not just follow particular interests but also focus on an organizations contribution to the common good (Public Value). Our research links psychological and business management topics, mainly in the fields of Public Value management, leadership and competency diagnostics. We build on holistic thinking approches in the tradition of Peter Drucker, known as the father of modern management.

Organisations are part of society and as such they play a crucial role in shaping it. As innovation and growth require an environment of trust and appreciation all activities of an organisation must be socially legitimised. Our research aims to enable a broad Public Value discourse and to identify new approaches to leadership. We actively support organizations in obtaining an introspective view of their actual value contributions by implementing a Public Value Scorecard. In cooperation with the Center of Leadership and Values in Society at the University of St. Gallen we publish the Public Value Atlas Germany and Switzerland. The study assesses known organizations from the private and non-profit sectors on the background of four public value dimensions – the result is a ranking.

One of our guiding beliefs is that leaders should see themselves as part of a “big picture” and define themselves through their value contribution, not status, knowledge or power. Building on these ideas we helped to develop the Leipzig Leadership Model that can serve as a guiding compass in view of a highly complex world.

Founded in 1898, HHL is considered the oldest university-level management school in Germany. In the tradition of the “honorable businessman” its mission statement rests on the pillars of entrepreneurship, sustainability and leadership.

Faculty of Human Sciences
of Catholic University of Portugal

As a benchmark school of reference in the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Human Sciences (portuguese acronym FCH hereafter) holds the mission of producing rigorous and innovative knowledge alongside the integral education and preparation of its students. To this end, the Faculty conveys advanced levels of knowledge across its fields of study as well as technical competences and skills while stimulating a critical spirit to enable them to conscientiously act and serve as citizens. The activities of the FCH, across the complementary fields of research and teaching, are leveraged by the values of Christian humanism; those that drive us to contribute towards responding to the multiple challenges facing contemporary societies.

Founded in 1972, the Faculty now affirms its mission in a globalised world under the motto «Value For Life». Down through its history, FCH has demonstrated its capacity to read the signs of the times and correspondingly coming up with timely and innovative training programs capable of responding to the different needs of Portuguese society. Ever since its foundation the Faculty has striven to reach out for new horizons of knowledge with the FCH correspondingly challenging the established canons whether in terms of the research it produces or in the degree programs provided.  

Estrela Borough

Estrela welcomes those who visit it with a unique cultural and human offer, enabling a special journey through a very rich heritage that mirrors a borough full of identity.

From the tiles that cover much of the buildings and tell the story of a borough that preserves tradition, but projects modernity to the beautiful and majestic gardens that spread across it’s territory.

Estrela breathes innovation and from there emerges it’s Public Service to the community. Estrela Borough is distinguished by its technological advancement that stimulates the direct relationship with the community it serves through digital plataforms.

GeoEstrela was the first one, creating a place where citizens can easily report occurrences in their borough with a photo taken by their smartphone. Since then others emerged to fulfill further needs (like EstrelaSegura, EstrelaParticipa, EstrelaCircular, GeoSenior, Chame o Lixo). Forming a collaboration through technology that allows quick response to Community demands.

Since 2015, Estrela is yearly distinguished for good practices and inovative projects. 

With innovation and technology, Estrela develops unique solutions that promote ways of simplify the life of its citizens and enables excelence in Quality of Life.