Dr. Arend Oetker President of Business Psychology and Leadership
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management


We are committed to teaching students and future value-oriented leaders that not only follow particular interests, but also focus on an organization’s contribution to the common good (Public Value). Our research links psychological and business management issues, especially in the areas of Public Value management, leadership, and competency diagnosis. We build holistic thinking approaches in the tradition of Peter Drucker , known as the father of modern management.

Organizations are part of society and as such play a crucial role in shaping it. Since innovation and growth require an environment of trust and appreciation, all activities of an organization must be socially legitimized. Our research aims to enable a broad Public Value discourse and identify new approaches to leadership. We actively support organizations in gaining an introspective view of their real value contributions by implementing a Public Value Scorecard. In cooperation with the Center for Leadership and Values in Society at the University of St. Gallen, we published the Public Value Atlas of Germany and Switzerland . The study evaluates well-known organizations from the private and non-profit sectors based on four dimensions of public value – the result is a ranking.

One of our guiding beliefs is that leaders should see themselves as part of a “big picture” and define themselves through their value contribution, not status, knowledge, or power. Based on these ideas, we helped develop the Leipzig Leadership Model, which can serve as a guiding compass in the face of a highly complex world.

Founded in 1898, HHL is considered the oldest university-level business school in Germany. In the tradition of the “honorable businessman” its mission statement rests on the pillars of entrepreneurship, sustainability, and leadership.

Estrela Borough


Estrela welcomes those who visit with a unique cultural and human offer, allowing a special journey through a rich heritage that reflects a county full of identity.

From the tiles that cover most of the buildings and tell the story of a municipality that preserves tradition, but projects modernity to the beautiful and majestic gardens that are spread throughout its territory.

Estrela breathes innovation, and from there comes its Public Service to the community. The Estrela neighborhood stands out for its technological advancement that stimulates the direct relationship with the community it serves through digital platforms.

GeoEstrela was the first, creating a place where citizens can easily report occurrences in their neighborhood with a photo taken with their smartphone. Since then others have emerged to meet other needs (such as EstrelaSegura, EstrelaParticipa, EstrelaCircular, GeoSenior, Chame o Lixo ). Forming a collaboration through technology that allows a quick response to the demands of the Community.

Since 2015, Estrela has been distinguished annually for good practices and innovative projects. 

With innovation and technology, Estrela develops unique solutions that promote ways to simplify the lives of its citizens and enable excellence in Quality of Life.


The first edition took place in May 2022, in Lisbon. It had countless participants and papers presented. Check out our video from the first edition!